Football Fever

Above is a photo I took just a few short blocks from my house.  The neighbors on the street all got together and decorated in support of the Dutch team at the World Cup.  It’s madness.  Today, the day of the second match we’ve played, there was a party going on behind those orange tarps on the left.  I guess they tarped it off in case of rain, which there wasn’t much of today.  Mostly it was very windy.  You should hear the sound of all those flags flying in the wind!  It’s almost as loud as those annoying horns that everyone blows at the matches.  I call it the angry bee noise.

The world around me has gone football mad.  I’ve only PARTLY joined in.  It was 5 minutes before the start of the game today and I thought – I’d better put on my lucky socks.  So I went upstairs and dug them out of the wash hamper and put them on.  Apparently they ARE magic, because we won again.

The TV was also full of orange.  Orange supporters.  Orange commentators.  Orange players.

Today’s game was against Japan.  We won 1-0.  The first half was tedious.  During that part of the game I did quite a lot of knitting on my ORANGE lace shawl (which I finished later in the afternoon – photos for another knitting post).  The second half was much more exciting.

I have to say, the refereeing is not very consistent and is something just plain pathetic.  Yesterday the US team tied 1-1 against Slovenia when they actually should have won.  There was a VERY bad call, disallowing a goal.  Pathetic.  Then today there was another terrible call, this time against Australia.  They were not only given a penalty for “hands” but the guy was given a red card!  He could not have gotten out of the way of that shot on goal.  It was just a terrible ref call.  I don’t where they dug up some of these refs and WHY they have dug them up.  FIFA seems more and more like a very corrupt organization.

Anyway, we march forward into the orange madness.  You know, every game we win sends the country further into a frenzy.  It’s fun for now, but what will we do for entertainment when it’s all over???

2 thoughts on “Football Fever

  1. Myrte June 20, 2010 / 14:07

    Just love to see my own country through your eyes. Keep it up! You even make a born-and-bred Dutch girl 🙂

  2. Cybèle June 22, 2010 / 14:42

    Love all the orange! The kids have a Dutch flag hanging from the window at their dad’s, who lives in a little close where there are only English flags. I feel quite proud seeing it – specially as the Dutch are doing just a little bit better than the English… and what makes me laugh over here is because the English won the World Cup in 1966, they still think they’re a force to reckon with. And nobody dares to say that actually, they’re not really that good at all. In fact, they seem plain rubbish, but here they’d like to think that all the other teams quake in their boots when they have to play the English. Yesterday in the supermarket, all the football merchandise was half price. I wonder if there is any left next week? 😉

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