Hell on Wheels

This is my new speed demon bike.  It’s a Jan Janssen, model Racerox.   It’s considered a “hybrid” bike because it’s got racing AND city equipment.  It has 15 gears, which is quite a lot of overkill in flat NL.  It is SO LIGHT that I can easily pick it up and carry it around, and it just FLIES down the road.  It has fenders and lights and a bell for legal city riding.  Well, you don’t need fenders to be legal, just the lights, but fenders are good in the rain.

It took 6 weeks to get this thing delivered.  Four weeks after I ordered it and hadn’t heard anything from the shop, I called them to find out what was going on.  They said, ugh, what color did you want?  BLUE, the STANDARD color.  Oh, they said, somehow a brown one was ordered.  So I had to wait another 2 weeks to get the one I really ordered.  Good grief.  Ordering stuff here often goes wrong.

Why a new bike?  My old bike weighs a ton.  It’s made of cast iron – at least it feels like it.  It’s really no fun biking in the dunes and to the beach with this heavy city bike.  It’s also a typical Dutch bike seating style – upright and arms in front of you.  The wind just kills you in this position.  I just wanted a bike that would be fun to ride as recreation, not just as a means to get from A to B.  And now I have it!

Since I’ve only had the new bike since yesterday, I took it out today for a little spin around the neighborhood late in the afternoon.  I rode out to Spaarndam and saw the pheasant I saw last year and never managed to get a photo of.  OK, maybe it’s not the SAME one, but I’ve only ever seen one, and only once per year it seems.  Indulge me the fantasy that it’s the same one.

Pretty and fat.  And no, he won’t be hunted.  There were also a lot of geese and ducks about, which made me happy.  Earlier in the year they were no where to be seen and I thought they had been chased away by the construction going on in the area.  But the construction is over and the birds are back.  All is well in the polder again.

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