KIP-ping 2010

I’m struck by how much I look like my mom.  She can often have the same concentrated look, which results in a frown when I don’t feel like I’m frowning at all.  You can’t avoid genetics after all.

This photo was taken during the KIP (Knit in Public) Day in Amsterdam.  We had a photo and knitting scavenger hunt with winners and prizes at the end.  We started at de Jaren (our usual Monday night meeting point), split up into teams, and were given a list of photos to take.  The photos had to include our knitting and they could include more than one item on the list.  Items were given points between 1-5, with easy things like “an Amsterdammetje” equal to 1 point, and difficult things like “the smallest house in Amsterdam” worth 5 points.  We met up 2 hours later at the public library, loaded everyone’s photos onto a computer, the judges judged and awards were given.

Our team came in second place, but won the prize for most creative.  One of the photos on the list was “your knitting under water”.  We went to the entrance below the ground where they are working on the North-South metro line, on the Rokin.  You walk down to displays and an area where you can look around at all the huge pipes that drip water.  It’s kind of creepy.  We took a few photos, one of which is me holding up my sock (the dark blob) with the tunnel and pipes and water all around.  This was certainly under water!

Here we are at the La Place on the 7th floor of the library, looking at everyone’s photos:

Oh and the first photo, was for 1 point, “a photo of a sign in more than one language”.  That one is pretty easy in Amsterdam.

It was a really fun day and we were lucky it didn’t rain.  Thanks to Cassandra and Miranda for organizing the day!

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