How My Garden Grows

These are roses from the front of our house.  The white ones are “Snow White”, a tree rose.  The little pink ones I don’t know anymore what they are.  Florabunda at any rate.  The tree rose has just exploded with flowers, so many that I HAD to cut some off before they broke from the weight.  I have 3 David Austin roses in the front too, but they were just planted this spring and are still small.  There are buds but no flowers yet.

The BACK garden is also growing like mad.  The tomato plants are getting huge and little green tomatoes are showing up all over.  I also have Moroccan mint that I’ve picked a couple of times and made fresh mint with.  Wow, is that good.  I let it cool and put it in the fridge for REAL iced-tea.

There’s also a pretty Clematis growing up the fence.

I’m also busy growing a lot of dandelions.  I let them get kind of big before pulling them out.  I’ve read that you can dye wool with them.  Maybe at the end of the summer I’ll have enough to try that out.  Meanwhile, my pile of dried dandelions grows.  And the rest of the garden grows too.  I’m so happy summer is finally here!

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