Under Dutch Skies Shawl – FO

My Under Dutch Skies Shawl is finished!

This is a brioche lace pattern by Nancy Marchant.  The pattern is not yet available, but will be soon.  This is (obviously) a one color version, but there is also the possibility to make it in two colors.  That’s my next project!

The brioche lace is reversible.  Both sides look the same.

The yarn is from Pigeonroof Studios.  It is 70/20/10 alpaca, silk, cashmere.  It is so fine!  Almost a cobweb weight.  I knit this on size 4 (US) 3.5mm needles.

Was it difficult?  Well, the first few rows were tricky, partly getting the hang of the brioche lace and partly getting to grips with such fine yarn.  After that it wasn’t hard exactly, but I could only safely work on it when there were absolutely no distractions and also with good light.  Since I started in February, it’s pretty clear that I didn’t have many moments like that!  You have to pay attention to what you are doing with this kind of knitting.  At least I do.  By the time I was on the last pattern repeat however, I was so good at reading the knitting that I could knit it while watching tv.

If I were to give advice to someone wanting to knit this pattern, I would highly recommend life lines.  When you do make a mistake with brioche lace, tinking back is not fun and ripping out is just not an option.  Life lines can save really save you!

The size is really nice.  I’ll have to take photos with it around my shoulders.  It drapes just lovely too.

I guess the best recommendation for any pattern and yarn is whether you would do it all over again, or would you make it a second time.  Yes! Yes! Yes!  I will make this again with two colors and again with Pigeonroof Studios yarn.  Keep an eye out in the shop….. !

2 thoughts on “Under Dutch Skies Shawl – FO

  1. Myrte July 3, 2010 / 13:23


  2. Jacki July 13, 2010 / 09:18

    Really beautiful. I agree with your assessment of concentration needed for brioche lacework – but so worth it! Will you sell pattern and yarn as a kit?

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