Another Pause

Last night we had a very exciting thunder and lightening storm.  The wind howled and the rain fell in buckets.  I love these summer rains.  I stood in the open back door just taking in the smells and sounds.  The cat laid at my feet, doing the same.

This morning, early, we headed to the beach.  Everything smelled so fresh and new!  Even though we got to the beach around 9am, there were already a lot of people there, although not as many as two weeks ago when it was boiling hot outside.  Today there was a karate club meet up at Parnassia.  They warmed up by running along the beach, and I snapped their photo (above).

Unlike the beaches in Northern California, nothing much washes up here after a storm.  The best I could find was a jelly fish.

In California, and all along the Pacific Northwest, after a storm you can find lots of interesting stuff like huge logs of redwood worn smooth by the water.  Or smaller pieces of driftwood.  You can also find moonstones and agates and pieces of greenschist.  I used to love walking the beaches around Humboldt County after a storm.

Here, the North Sea is not very wild.  It’s like the rest of the Netherlands as far as nature is concerned – tame as a guinea pig.

There were a lot of dogs at the beach today.  Dogs everywhere.  Dogs peeing on sand castles.  I saw a dog pooping in the shallow water.  Dogs playing, dogs running.  If I had a dog I’d bring it here too.  It’s really dog heaven.

The above photo has quite a few dogs in it and I wasn’t even trying to get dogs into the picture!  They were just everywhere.

I didn’t run today, but DB did.  He’s doing really well with his running and I’m really proud and happy for him.  He’s really enjoying it and that’s nice to see.  Me?

I have to take another break from getting back to my old running self.  You remember that shiny new bike I showed you a few posts ago?  Well.  I fell off it last Saturday.  I bruised several ribs.  For 3 days I could hardly move.  Now, one week later, I’m able to go to work, but don’t ask me to move much.  About the only movement I can make without pain is, luckily, knitting!  I hold my left arm still and only wrap yarn and move needles with my right hand.  Perfect.  Whew what a relief! 🙂

Anyway, this kind of injury takes a long time to heal.  I was happy to just walk a short way on the beach today.  The only part of my new bike that is damaged is the seat and I hope to go this coming week to the bike shop and get a new one.  But I have to be able to ride before I do that.  I’m not sure if I’m ready yet.  Today I managed to iron a few pieces of clothing, so maybe by the end of the week I can manage to get on a bike.  And I WILL get back on.

At this moment I’m watching the Tour de France on tv.  If Lance can fall and fall and fall again, and get back up and ride 50 more km in the mountains, I should be able to get to town and back.

One thought on “Another Pause

  1. Cybèle July 12, 2010 / 16:04

    O Alex, even when you’re born and bred Dutch, you can fall off a bike… and be scared to get back on again. I fell off a couple of months ago, managed to get my shoe lace wrapped around the pedal and although I noticed and managed to stop in time, the pedal was in the highest position which made me topple sideways. And then I had a h*** of a job getting my foot untangled and get my bike upright again. I had a nasty bruise on my thigh for a few weeks and yes, it was kind of frightening to get back on the bike.
    I’m back to running as well, but only slowly – and had to take a break last Friday/this weekend as my left shin was hurting so much. Seems to have healed now so I’m hoping to go again tomorrow evening but it’s slow going!

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