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I have, finally, started a Lyra (the link is a flickr search result).  This is currently the most well known of Herbert Niebling‘s designs (sorry, the only link I could find was a commercial one to a book for sale – i wish there was a wikipedia page about Niebling, a German man who designed lace patterns in the 1930’s – 40’s).  There are 186 Lyra projects listed on Ravelry and I’m sure there are lots more in the world.  I’ve admired it for the last 2 years and bought the pattern about a year ago.  I just had to find the right time, and the confidence, to make it.  Now that I’m up to row 31, I realize that it really isn’t hard at all!  After making brioche lace, this is a walk in the park!

The yarn I’m using is 50/50 cotton/cashmere that I bought from colourmart.  It is wound on a cone, which is really handy.  The color is not really good in the photo above.  It is a little bit lighter green and not a solid color but a very very slight heather look.  It’s fantastic to work with and looks really nice.  So far I’m really enjoying knitting this although the start was pretty tricky.  I tried several cast ons and finally managed success with a turkish cast on over the 8 stitches instead of making an open ring of stitches.  I think it looks more organic anyway.  I will be glad though when it is big enough to fit onto just one needle.

In other knitting news, I finished knitting the lace tank from Vogue Knitting Summer 1991.  It’s now blocking.

I only need to sew it up and then pick up and knit rolled edges around the neck and arm holes.  Almost done!

I have also finished 1 sock of a pair I’m designing.  Sorry, can’t show you.  I’m going to submit the pattern for publication once they are done.  I’ll also be looking for a test knitter – but more on that later.  All I will say is that they are knee-socks in brioche stitches.

One thought on “Knitting News

  1. Myrte July 13, 2010 / 21:56

    Oh my, you are couragious! Keep showing your progress from time to time?
    I wish you a cool head with this.

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