Lyra, row 51

I promised photos of my progress with Lyra, and here’s photo number 2, up through row 51.  I had to slip most of the stitches onto a smaller but longer needle in order to get this photo.  Just for you dear readers.  Now I have slip them all back.

It’s really looking like something, isn’t it!  I wanted to wait to take the next photo once I was finished with this set of leaves.  As you can see near the far edges, the next set of leaves have been started.  Again, I’ll say it, this is not difficult at all to knit.  It’s just becoming a little tedious (ugh!  already!).  Well, what is tedious are the mesh stitches, between the leaves and what will also be between the flowers to come.  The mesh involves double yarn overs and making 2 stitches from them in the next row and THEN knitting them together with normal stitches after that.  They don’t want to cooperate.  I’m using lace needles too.

I’m really loving the yarn I’m using.  This is 50/50 cotton/cashmere from Colourmart.  It’s 2/28 nm in case you want to look it up and buy some.  It’s lovely and soft but feels strong at the same time.  I’m very happy I chose this to make Lyra out of.

Now I’ll put this project away for the evening.  I’m heading out to Utrecht Stitch ‘n Bitch tonight.  I owe Carla some yarn and I’m taking more to show around.  While there I’ll be working on my brioche sock (number 2).   I hope, with all the fasting and cleansing I’m doing, that I have enough energy to last a few hours there!  The headache is gone and I’m feeling much better.  It feels good to fit into my newest pair of jeans too!

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