Yarny Nights

It’s been warm this week.  We’ve had a couple of summer showers, but mostly it’s been warm and sunny and beautiful.  I’m so glad I’ve had this week off work and could fully enjoy it!  Above is a photo of Utrecht, taken Tuesday night.  It was MUGGY and warm that evening but still it just wouldn’t rain.

I went to Utrecht Tuesday night to visit the Stitch ‘n Bitch group there.  Carla invited me and told the group I’d be bringing Yarns Apart yarn to show.  Everyone was very welcoming and it was a gezellig evening.  I’d be happy to go back again, all the way from Haarlem.

The next evening I went to a knitting class taught by Chris Bylsma, organized by EFN and hosted by DIY Textile School.  What a lovely lady she is!  Also very knowledgeable and wonderful teacher.  I’d take another class from her in a minute.  The usual suspects were there, which made it of course another gezellig evening.  How many gezellig evenings can you stand in one week?

One thought on “Yarny Nights

  1. Cybèle July 29, 2010 / 22:41

    well, you wouldn’t want an ‘ongezellige’ evening now would you? 😉
    Love the photo of Utrecht,takes me back… (did my degree there)

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