Yarns Apart Open House

On July 24th I held an open house for Yarns Apart.  People could come and touch and feel and see the beautiful colors of the yarns in my shop.  What a great day it was!

DB brought all my inventory from the attic into the living room.  I organized and labeled all the bins.  There was a 15% (or more) discount on all inventory for that day.  I was expecting, at most, 12 people.  By the end of the day 18 people had come and gone and lots of my inventory went with them.  Not only did people shop, but they stayed and had home made muffins, drinks, cheese and snacks and hung out in the back garden to knit and talk.

We were very lucky with the weather!

One thing I’m glad we arranged was to have a computer available in the room for people to browse for patterns and ideas for projects.

It was really a fun day and I’m so glad I did it.  Thank you to everyone who came!  I plan to do the same in October.  Look out for dates to be posted here and on Ravelry.  Oh, and one of these days when I have a spare few minutes I’ll get Yarns Apart set up on Facebook so that I can post shop updates and photos there.

(Credit goes to Jacki for the first photo above.)

2 thoughts on “Yarns Apart Open House

  1. Louise August 2, 2010 / 18:49

    Looks like a fun day & a beautiful home

  2. Ballee August 19, 2010 / 21:02

    Count me in for October, this looks great!

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