UK Knit Camp, Part I

hills near Stirling, Scotland

Where have I been all this time?  In Scotland of course!  Last week I went to UK Knit Camp, held at the U. of Stirling campus.  What a week it was!  The event started last Monday, 9 August, but I didn’t get there until early Wednesday morning.  I didn’t manage to get the whole week off work.  Ah well, that only meant that I missed the most crazy part of the organizational chaos.  More on that LATER.

Over the next few days I’ll write about the classes I took, the beauty of Scotland (with photos!) and the great people I met and had the pleasure of knitting (and dyeing) with.  I got back home Sunday night and had to dive straight back into work Monday morning.  I’m only working three days this week (heading to LowLands at the end of the week) so I’m SUPER busy at work.  You know how it is – you want time off?  then work your butt off before and after your time off because no one is going to pick up the slack for you.

So, for now, I’ll just leave you will the above photo, taken from the top of the Wallace Monument.  I really want to go back to Scotland to walk in the hills and take in the beauty of this place.  We live just a short 1 hour plane ride from paradise.  I have to go back.

I’m going to open that bottle of 14 year old Glenfiddich Rich Oak whiskey and drink to a great week gone by.

2 thoughts on “UK Knit Camp, Part I

  1. ginni August 17, 2010 / 23:03

    This landscape looks familiar! Can’t wait to read and see more. 🙂

  2. Lou August 18, 2010 / 14:00

    What a great photo..glad you had a good time (despite hiccups). It was lovely to meet you..sorry if I ‘blethered’ (talked)too much..haha

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