UK Knit Camp, Part III

tree and lake

The University of Stirling is a stunning campus.  Everywhere you look there are trees and rolling hills and mountains in the background.  It kind of reminds me of the university I went to, back about a hundred years ago, Humboldt State Univ. in northern California.  That campus is also full of hills and stairs, concrete buildings with mountains and trees surrounding you.

The first thing you see when you find your way from the classrooms to the dorms is the bridge over the small lake.  The views from there are lovely.

university lake

Here’s another view of the lake, at sunrise.  I woke up dreadfully early every morning.  Two mornings I went for a run around the lake.  This photo was taken at 6:45am.  That’s the Wallace Monument in the background.

sunrise at U. of Stirling

There were a lot of swans living on the lake.  There were a lot of grey young swans.

young swans

On Friday afternoon Cassandra and I went for a walk around the back side of the campus, around the grounds, past two cemeteries, and then up to the Wallace Monument.  Here are some photos of the walk, and also of the monument itself, and from the top of the monument.  Yes, we walked up the teeny tiny stairs to the top.  It was a fantastic view!



manner house

view from the top

Wallace Monument

Wallace Monument

Wallace Sword

photography at the top

monument top

I took a lot of photos of trees.  I just loved all the trees!
redwood in Scotland

Copper Birch

Copper Birch bark

flowering tree

maple tree

I think my two favorite photos of the week are the one above of the lake at sunrise (the clouds and reflection are nice) and also a photo I posted the other day already.  It’s so nice I’ll post it again here.  It was taken from the top of the Wallace Monument.  The sun was just right and I love the red tractor below, busy harvesting row after row, completely unaware of the people above watching him.

hills near Stirling, Scotland

And that’s it!  Great trip in spite of all the chaos, great people, and a gorgeous location.  And knitting all day every day with hundreds of knitters all around you.  What could be better?  (I did miss my DB though.)  Now to start planning a trip to Scotland…. maybe a whiskey tour!

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