Report from LowLands 2010

This last weekend was LowLands.  Everything came together to make it a great weekend – the weather, the music, the atmosphere.

We arrived Friday morning and set up our tent.  The times I’ve gone before we staying at Camping 5.  This time we were a little late and went instead to Camping 7.  5 was better.  Ah well.

camping 7

You can tell this photo was taken early since you can still see open grass.  We came back at the end of the night and we were packed in like sardines.  Ah well.  It’s not really camping after all.

This year the organizers limited the tickets to 55,000 which is 5,000 fewer than last year.  It was crowded, but not unbearably so.  I only had to wait in line for a toilet once, and the toilets were REAL ones and were pretty clean.  We never waited in line for food or drinks longer than about a minute.

street scene

There’s a lot going on at LowLands besides just music.  There are lectures, movies, activities and street theater.  Even a sauna.

LL Lake

These funny guys Cie Ecart – “Les Homs Fums” played music from their funny car and did a little dance.  Then they grabbed 3 women from the crowd to dance with them.  Guess who?
Cie Ecart - "Les Homs Fums"


DB took a movie of the whole thing so maybe it will end up on YouTube.  We’ll see just how embarrassing it is first.

Then there was the man carving pieces of a chocolate Mary and laying it on your tongue if you held your mouth just right.
have a piece of Chocolate Mary

There was an area where you could jump rope in a group.  It was an elimination competition.  The last person still jumping wins.
jump rope elimination

And there was the inflatable mattress sumo contest.
preparing for mattress sumo

mattress sumo

There was a lot of street theater that I didn’t manage to get photo of, or missed seeing altogether.  There’s just so much to see!  This is what I love about LowLands vs. other festivals.  There’s more than just music going on.

And speaking of music, we saw….

OK Go.  Really fun band that I made sure to see.  I love their videos and now there’s even a TED Talk about the making of their last video.  How many bands will take the time to walk into the crowd (without barriers) and to also do a song only with bells?

Damian Kulash

We spent a lot of time at XRAY, which is a very small venue with mostly electronic music.  There we saw Walls

And Boom Boom du Terre
Boom Boom du Terre

Boom Boom du Terre

This guy was just so cute I wanted to pinch his cheeks (in a motherly way you understand).  He was giggly and smiling and nervous and he played really great music.

We saw Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, 2 guys from England selling rap with attitude, including a letter from God to Man.
Scroobius Pip

We saw several bands in India too (like OK Go).  I didn’t get any photos of Balthazar (who I liked enough to buy their CD) or Flying Lotus (who I didn’t like at all) or Tim Knol (nice Sunday morning music) or Blaudzun (Dutch band that reminded me of Star Sailor).  I did get photos of Delphic.


James Cook

Great band!  I’ll go see them again for sure.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Alpenhorns…
Alphorn Virtuos "Bergische Schweizer"

What else can I tell you about LowLands?  We ate so well that I gained 2 kilos.  V&D does a lot of the food so it’s a higher standard than most festival food.  I don’t know what it is about festivals, but once I’m through the gates I have this terrible urge to try all the food on offer.  I’m not hungry but I wonder what those pancakes are like.  It’s probably a good thing that Ben & Jerry’s wasn’t there this year.

There was a place set up just outside the entrance where you could get your mobile phone charged up.  You left if there for an hour, paid your 1 muntje, and came back to pick up a charged up phone.  (In theory.  DB’s phone on Sunday wasn’t fully charged).  It was a cool set up they had there.  There were 10 of these walls of chargers. It’s amazing how we are all so addicted to our phones for photos, tweets, blogging and oh yeah, phoning.

phone charging

It’s now Monday afternoon and I’m just beat.  We got home last night around 10:30pm and watched some of the last acts on TV.  The only big name band that we saw was Snow Patrol, who’s music I really like, but seeing them live was a real disappointment.  We saw one song from Queen’s of the Stone Age and Placebo on TV.  We’ve seen them both many times live and didn’t need to stay late Sunday night to see them again.  We go to LowLands for the small bands, like Snow Patrol was at one time.

Next year I think we’ll be staying in a vacation house near the LL grounds.  I’m too old for this “sleeping” packed in with thousands of loud party goers.  Get your LL 2011 tickets early!

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