New and Old FO’s

new and old

The two tank tops above were knit from a pattern from in Vogue Knitting, Summer 1991.  The one on the right I made in 1991 or 1992, I don’t remember which.  The one on the left I finished knitting in early August.

The new one is made from O~Wool Balance, 50% cotton and 50% wool, all organic.  The old one is 100% cotton and even though it’s a little smaller, it is heavier.

When I finished sewing together the new one I tried it on.  It was ok.  I wasn’t thrilled with it.  It was just a little bit too big.  I wore it anyway several times.  Even R. from Vogue Knitting, who I met at UK Knit Camp, took photos of it.  But I wasn’t really satisfied.  So I threw it in the washing machine.

I was hoping for just a little felting shrink and that’s exactly what happened!  It’s now perfect!  It’s a little thicker and denser, but not terribly so.  It’s about the size of the old version, but longer, because I knit one more scallop repeat at the bottom and wanted it longer.

NOW I’m happy and will call it an official Finished Object!



  1. Just catching up with blog reading after the hecticness of the summer holidays and a 2 week break from the internet (which was lovely, admittedly!). Love the top – looks really nice worn over a shirt – very stylish. Can’t believe the chaos of Knit Camp – I had heard in the blogosphere that lots of people/teachers/designers were pulling out beforehand, but hadn’t thought that it would be so disorganised as you described. Glad you still had a good time though. O and next year when I’m on holidays in Holland, can you order some warmer/drier weather please…? 😉

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