Family Weekend

Last night we made the trek to Ommen, east of Zwolle. For someone living in the Randstaat this is the Middle Of Nowhere. It was a 2 hour drive from home. It’s the annual family weekend.

We’ve rented a big vacation house for all 29 of us. This is an old landowner house built in the mid-1800’s. There’s a kitchen bigger than our entire living room. There’s a dining room with tables to fit all of us. There are 3 living rooms and 42 beds.

This morning my MIL and her sister and I sat knitting in one of the living rooms. I’ve started a small revolution here. Before, I never saw anyone in the family knitting in public. Since I’ve started bringing my knitting, they are coming out of the closet! (see photos below)

Tante Gre had the wrong size needles so DB searched with his iPhone for a local yarn store. We called and the woman opened just for us. We came back and the knitting continued.

This afternoon we all drove to a farm in the neighborhood for a little open house. There was a quilt exhibition, horse rides for the kids, a man making baskets (I bought the one in the photo to sit next to the fireplace). I also bought 2 pumpkins and a jar of homemade strawberry jam. It was a very nice day out!

Now I’m sitting at this huge dining table, typing on my iPad while everyone talks around me. It’s actually tiring to live in a foreign language all day. I’m taking a break.

Tomorrow morning we (4 of us) are going for a run. Me 5km, DB 10km, Ing and G. 16km! Oh I will catch up with them next year. The weather today was lovely, sunny and cool. I hope tomorrow will be the same. I’ll let you know….

2 thoughts on “Family Weekend

  1. Cybèle September 19, 2010 / 17:09

    Good for you on starting that knitting revolution! I remember you saying last year you were the only one knitting. We had a small family gathering last night to celebrate B’s 50th and his daughter leaving for university, and I wanted to get my crochet out but didn’t dare to… There was only one other person there who I thought might understand and I just didn’t have the guts! (doesn’t happen very often anymore – I’ve become a fearless knitter, but not fearless enough, obviously…)

  2. Lou September 24, 2010 / 23:38

    Looks like a wonderful family gathering.

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