The Last Gasp

Last Gasp of Summer

Today was a perfect Fall day.  The sun shone the whole day.  The skies were blue.  The wind was brisk and leaves were falling.  It was a perfect Fall day if you live in California or Spain.  If you live in the Netherlands, a day like today is a rare gift that you have to treasure and use to its full potential because there probably won’t be another one like it for another six months.

Even though I had a ton of things to do indoors (paperwork, laundry, house cleaning) I put all of it aside and spent the day outside.  I don’t like hot weather, but my batteries need charging from the sun on a regular basis.

This morning I biked to the dunes and ran 6km.  There were so many runners and walkers in the dunes!  The running went well but I can sure tell I’m in training again.  Adding that additional kilometer was tough, but I did it and in reasonable time.  I have to get ready for that 8km race on the 17th!  I’m sticking to the 10% rule – don’t add more than 10% to your weekly distance from one week to the next.  This should keep me improving and also injury free.

After the run I grabbed a bite to eat and then we were off, by bike, to N & A’s house to see the new baby A. for whom I knit the baby kimono.  What a sweetie!  He’s really adorable!  No, I mean really, not just because all babies are cute.  This one really is.  We didn’t stay too long though and were soon off to the beach.

It’s about 15km one way to the beach by bike.  We parked our bikes at Bloemendaal and walked along the beach to Zandvoort (see photo above).  There were of course a lot of people also biking to the beach and driving to the beach.  It’s nice to pass all the cars in traffic jams, trying to get to the beach and find a parking place.

All the beach restaurants at Bloemendaal are closed for the season but they are still open at Zandvoort (and Parnasia).  We had a snack, then headed back up the beach, and biked home via Parnasia and the dunes.

All in all that’s 6km running, 30km biking and about 5km walking.  I’m now sitting on the couch with my legs up watching football.  The sun has gone down but I hope to see it again soon.  I love days like today.  I’ll have to hold on to this feeling of the sun on my face and the wind at my back.  I hope it’s enough to get me through the long dark winter.

One thought on “The Last Gasp

  1. Cybèle October 5, 2010 / 10:50

    We could do with a day like that – it’s been miserable, wet and grey here for what seems like weeks, and my mood is going the same way. We just need a bit of sunshine!

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