Happy November, a New FO

The above photo is the finally finished Under Dutch Skies 2-Color Shawl.  No, I did not design it.  It was designed by the lovely and talented Nancy Marchant.  You can find the pattern HERE on Ravelry.  I LOVE love love this pattern, the yarn, and the finished shawl.  It looks amazing in person, if I do say so myself.

The yarn is a 3ply heavy lace weight from Pigeonroof Studios called Siren 2 Lace.  I hope to get my hands on some other matching colors.  The yarn is merino, cashmere and a touch of nylon for strength.  It’s as lovely to knit with as it is to wear and look at.  The colors are amazing too.  These colors are Ink and Dovecote.

The pattern itself was challenging.  You have to have an understanding of two color brioche knitting before starting out and I would HIGHLY recommend using life-lines liberally.  If you drop a stitch it is a bitch to catch it and fix the mistake.  I’ve got the hang of it now, but this is the second shawl I’ve made so I SHOULD get it by now.  As with a lot of brioche designs, this is reversible with the light color standing out on one side and the dark color predominating on the other side.

If you want a super knitting challenge with a stunning FO at the end, this is the project for you.  I would make another one without hesitation (and probably will).

2 thoughts on “Happy November, a New FO

  1. mandy November 1, 2010 / 16:27

    Wow, that is incredibly beautiful!

  2. WiscJennyAnn November 1, 2010 / 16:28

    GORGEOUS! Wow, love it!

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