This Morning


This morning I ran a rectangle.  The red rectangle above in the map to be precise.  That was 6km of rectangle.  At 6:30am.

I got up at 6:05am thinking that I’d be out the door by 6:20.  I made the mistake however of opening my computer and peeking at Ravelry while my watch searched for satellites.  You know what happens when you start looking at Ravelry.  It’s suddenly hours later and you’re late for whatever you were going to do for real.  OK, I was only sucked in for 20 minutes, but still, sucked in.

I headed out the door at 6:30am into a wildly windy dark world.  I was wearing the glow in the dark running vest that DB and I recently bought.  I felt surprising good, although I felt pretty hungry too.  After about 3km I got over the hunger and just carried on.

I listened to Brenda Dayne while I ran.  Oh it’s so nostalgic for me to run while listening to Cast On!  I really became a runner while listening to this pod cast and I’m so happy that Brenda has started pod casting again.  I had to turn the volume up loud to hear her over the sound of the wind in the trees!

I really need to start running with my camera again.  I saw some things that would have been nice photos for this blog.  On this route is the ice rink in Haarlem.  This is an old-ish ice rink where they used to hold international skating events.  It’s too small for that now, but boy is this place popular in the winter time.  This morning at 7:00am, while the world was still dark, inside the ice rink the lights were blazing and the Zamboni was busy smoothing ice.  There are no solid walls on the street side of the rink so this view was clear to see from my running path.  It would have been a great photo.

I also saw sheep sleeping in fields and streets lights reflected in canals.  All nice photos.  All for next time when I have the camera.

Anyway, I finished the 6km stroll through north of Haarlem in 40 minutes.  Not fast but not slow either.  My legs felt good, the breathing was steady and my brain drifted away with Brenda and her nice music choices.  I’m getting used to winter again.

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