Katy's Cozy Crafty Corner

One Thursday night every month, Katy hosts Katy’s Cozy Crafty Corner at the Nieuwe Anita in Amsterdam.  All kinds of crafters are welcome and this last Thursday night there were some non-crafters also there.  The place was packed!  The photo above is the front of the space, with the best light.  The bar area on the right serves coffee and tea and the most amazing cupcakes ever.

There’s also a room behind the camera, and a bar serving craftinis.  I didn’t partake of the hard beverages, but they sure looked good.  That room was also full.  The place was so full that we ran out of chairs and people started sitting on the floor.

This was only the second time I’ve been to Katy’s.  It’s usually late for me since the party really gets hopping after 9 and I still have to get back to Haarlem afterwards.  I will certainly try to go more often as it was echt gezellig.  If you are in the Amsterdam area and are interested in coming by, drop me a message in the comments and I’ll send your email address to Katy.

One thought on “Katy’s

  1. Bili regev December 4, 2010 / 14:45

    my name is Bili! I’m a student in the Design Academy Eindhoven.
    I’m interested in the event! sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish to get Katy’s email.

    thank you in advance,


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