Muddy Shoes and Sore Muscles

running in mud

Today DB and our friend K. and I ran a 10km race in Amsterdam.  It’s the Stadionloop, which means Stadium run, and it starts and ends in the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium.  This is what our shoes looked like afterwards.

We ran south from the stadium along a small canal to the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam’s Woods).  We actually only ran straight ahead next to the Bosbaan (the straight long body of water used for rowing training and competitions) and then back.  It’s been raining lately and in fact rained this morning, so the path we ran on was full of puddles and soggy grass.  Thus, the shoes.

We were actually really lucky with the weather.  This morning is was raining but it stopped and didn’t rain on us at all during the race.  When we were leaving to come home it started to sprinkle again.

Unfortunately we had no warm up time before the race.  OK, we didn’t TAKE the time to warm up.  The gun went off and off we went.  And 30 seconds later I felt my right calf muscle seize up.  Damn.  Do I stop or carry on?  I continued to see if it would just warm up and work itself out.  It didn’t, but it didn’t get any worse either.  So on I ran.  In fact, I finished in 1 hour, ONE MINUTE, my fastest 10k ever.  I was hoping to finish within an hour but with a knot forming in my calf that just wasn’t going to happen.  Damn.  One minute too late.

We went back into the canteen area and sat for a few minutes and when I got up again I was limping.  The muscle is good and knotted and it will take a week before it’s better (I’m guessing).  I’m sitting now on the couch with a hot pack on my calf hoping to get it to relax.

Other than this stupid muscle, it was a really good run!  It’s not a crowded run, which is nice for a change.  You really had room to find your own pace.  The weather was perfect.  And sitting with friends afterwards in the canteen is gezellig.  HOWEVER, I learned something today.  I learned that warming up is not just for top sporters and I also learned that running alone isn’t enough.  I need to continue to strengthen my right leg muscles, to support my knee and to make that side as strong as the left side.  I’ll get there.

One thought on “Muddy Shoes and Sore Muscles

  1. ginni November 14, 2010 / 18:35

    you are awesome!!!

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