Mitten Madness

Baby it’s cold out there and there’s nothing like mittens to keep your hands warm and toasty.  Especially if those mittens are made with Possum yarn!

I couldn’t post about them earlier since they were a present for my mom, but here are my Snapdragon mittens, made with 8 ply Merino Possum yarn.

Mom and her mittens

This photo was taken at my mom’s house, with her wearing the mittens.  Here are a couple of photos of me wearing them, showing the flip tops.

Mitts for Mom

fingerless flip top mitts

The pattern is by the lovely and talented Ysolda TeagueHere‘s a Ravelry link to my pattern page.

I really wanted to design some mittens myself that were simple to make, are really warm, fit many sizes of hands and look good.  In short, perfect mittens!  Here‘s what I’ve come up with.  I call them Ginni mittens after my friend Ginni who really needs to make these to prove she can. 🙂

twisted stitches

fingerless mitts

flip top

I finished these while in California. I had originally intended to give them to DB but they were too small for him and were a perfect fit for M. so I gave them to her. She seemed happy to have them!

Mandy and her mittens

I’m now making myself a red pair (and then DB a black pair) and am writing up the pattern too.  Once I get the pattern finished I’ll be happy to post it here, and on Ravelry, for free.  You should really make them with Possum yarn though.  The yarn has a soft halo from the possum fur which make stitch patterns really stand out.  It’s perfect for these twisted stitches.

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