bike in snow

This was DB’s bike Friday afternoon.  It snowed all day Friday.  We don’t normally get snow like this in December.  Last year we got a lot of snow later in the winter.  My first 5 years here we had a dusting of snow during a couple of days in March but that was it.  I told DB that if we continue to have winters like this I’m trading in my car for a small 4WD thing!

Since we aren’t used to having so much snow, the cities of the Netherlands don’t own real snow plows.  The streets just pile up with snow and everyone waits for it to melt.  There are trucks driving around with salt (and we’re running out of road salt again this year, already) but basically we are snow bound until the weather warms up.  It’s December folks.  It ain’t warming up soon.

The kids are loving it.  They are out in front of our house with little sleds and are making snowmen.  There’s a little hill near here, I think it was made as a dike once upon a time, and families are walking out there with their snow gear so kids get to slide down.

snow day

The photo below was taken Friday afternoon.  The table in the back garden was a perfect measure of how much snow had fallen at that point.  It snowed again last night a little bit.  It’s supposed to stay cold and snow a little more this coming week.

how much snow Friday

I managed to drive the car out of its snowed in spot on the street this morning so we could go to the gym.  It’s at times like this that I realize how much I learned about driving in snow from living in Colorado and Switzerland.  I’m really good at it!  I know how to drive in corners and keep from skidding.  I know what to do if you start to slide.  And it all comes really naturally so I don’t have to think about it.  That means that I really LIKE driving in the snow and am happy to get the car out on days like today.  As long as there’s not a lot of traffic (there’s nothing scarier than 99% of the drivers having no clue about driving in snow and being a bit freaked out about it) and as long as it’s not coming down like sleet and freezing on the road, I’m happy to drive.

But, really, if this keeps up, the Amazing C2 will have to be upgraded!

One thought on “Snow!

  1. Denise December 19, 2010 / 18:27

    I am sitting here watching the Weather Channel talking about all the snow you’re getting over there.

    That’s snow we get back home in Western New York. I used to love driving in it too, except for all the driver’s who would forget how to drive every year.

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