On the Beach

winter at Parnasia

It’s Christmas Day, cold and white.  The sun came out around noon and we thought we’d drive to the beach to see how much snow there was and if we could jog on the beach tomorrow.  Much to our surprise, LOTS of people had the same idea!  The parking lot at Parnasia was full and look at all these people out walking!

Last year around this time, when we came for a walk on the beach, it was deserted and we were almost the only ones there.  I guess the weather was just that much better and people had nothing better to do on Christmas Day.  Just like us.

Christmas Day at the beach

Kids brought sleds and were sledding down the snowy dunes, ending at the sand line.

We walked down the beach a way, making friends with some dogs along the way.

sea beach snow

The restaurant had the same manger scene set up, complete with burros.

manger at Parnasia

Just as we were leaving we looked back to the north and saw that the sea and sky were the same dark gray color and the wind had picked up a little.  It was going to start snowing again.  And sure enough, as we were driving out of the parking lot it began to snow that gentle pretty kind of snow – slowly falling small white flakes.

Happy Christmas everyone.  I hope you have as nice a day as we are having.

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