Sunday Photos

cloud reflections

I took this photo today somewhere between Zandvoort and Bloemendaal aan Zee.  I went running on the beach today and managed to get a couple of really nice photos at the same time.

I say “running” but it felt like slogging.  I felt like work.  But work I did and managed 7km with about 1km of it walking.  The beach was broken up many times by little streams and softer sand which made it tough to zone out and just run without dodging water and looking for the best places to continue.

I went by myself today because DB is sick.  Sick at Christmas!  What a bummer!  He went to bed last night at 8pm and left me to watch movies on my own.  I felt really bad for him.  I felt bad that he missed out on most of the really delicious bottle of Spanish wine we had bought to go with our Christmas dinner.  He spent nearly all of today in bed, running a fever instead of running at the beach.

winter running on the beach

I started out at Bloemendaal and ran down to Zandvoort.  The above photo was taken at my turning around point.  Look how beautiful the sky was!
at the beach

This photo I added to the wallpaper group on Flickr.  I think I will set it as my wallpaper on my work computer tomorrow.   If you need a nice new photo to give you some energy while you stare at a computer screen, check out that group and grab yourself something inspiring.

These past two days I haven’t done much more than go to the beach, cook, eat, watch tv and knit.  I finished my red mittens (there will be a FO post as soon as I can get some decent photos taken) and started a red hat to match.  Next up are black mittens for DB.  I also have skew socks on the needles, but I really want to put all my energy into DB’s mittens so he can wear them while it’s cold.  And baby, it’s still cold outside!

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