Last FOs of 2010

Where has the year gone?  It seems only a month ago I was making green and white Selbu mittens and here it is a year later.  The above mittens were finished a week ago but I’ve only now gotten outside in daylight to take some photos.  Or rather, DB took the photos, at the park near our house.  I named them “Ginni”, after, well, Ginni and I hope to have the pattern written up in another couple of weeks.  I’m currently making a pair in black for DB.  Yes, in black.  In the dark days of winter.  Luckily I have that new daylight lamp above the couch so I can work on them without too much eye strain.

These are flip top mittens with buttons on the back of the hands and loops at the tips so you can button back the tops of the mittens when you don’t really need the full hand.  They are darned handy when you want to answer your phone or reach for your bus pass.  Here’s a photo taken when I had just picked up the stitches to start knitting the flap.

I decided I needed a matching hat.  There was no need to reinvent the wheel since I could make a lovely matching hat using Stephen West’s pattern Windschief.  One quarter of the hat is knit in twisted rib, just like the mittens.  Perfect.  Here’s a photo of the finished hat.  It took me 3 days to make it.

Both the hat and mittens were made with Supreme Possum Merino yarn, DK weight.  It’s super soft and warm and has a lovely halo which makes the twisted stitches really stand out.

I have just one more FO for the year, which was an accidental project.  A few weeks ago I went to the usual Monday night Stitch ‘n Bitch at Cafe de Jaren and suddenly there was a room full of knitters I’d never seen before!  A group from Save the Children had organized a “knit hats for charity” event and we were invited.  They handed out knitting needles and yarn and patterns and asked us to make childs hats to be distributed in India.  OK.  Why not?  I started knitting a hat that evening but they only had straight needles (which I hate) so when I got home I ripped out what I had knit and started over again with a pattern that would be at least interesting to make.  Below is what it became.  I used a free pattern on Ravelry called Zaggity.

And that’s it for 2010!  I’ve counted up my projects and I finished 18 projects this year!  Wow!  Another all time high number.  Of course some of them were very fast small projects like this kids hat and some baby socks.  But still. I’m going to make a mosaic photo of all the projects and post it here.

What’s up for 2011?  I’m itching to make a sweater.  I haven’t made a real winter sweater in a very long time.  I’ve been sucked in to the accessory knitting craze, which is so great for instant gratification, but I miss the accomplishment of finishing a sweater.  Stay tuned for details on that upcoming project!

I’m also designing a brioche vest.  It’s still in my head but will be swatched very soon.

I hope you’ve had a creative 2010.  I certainly have.  I’ve done more knitting this year than ever before and I’ve participated in more knitting events and met more knitters than in my entire life.  I only get more enthusiastic about this craft/art and wish I had more time to explore and make stuff.

Happy 2011 and happy knitting and crafting!

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