Egmond 1/4 Marathon

Today I ran the 10.4km race at Egmond.  It was seriously tough.  I managed it in 1 hour 12 minutes and I was very happy with that.  As you can see in the map above, we ran along the beach and through the dunes.  These dunes at Egmond make “my” dunes near Bloemendaal seem almost flat.  These were real HILLS!

The weather was really good – also like this map!  It was windy though and along the beach the wind was against us.  Ugh.  But it was above freezing temps and the sun was shining so I shouldn’t complain.

We started in Egmond aan Zee, ran through the village before heading down to the beach.

We only ran 2 1/2 kilometers on the beach, but that was enough.  The flags tell the story.

At the end of the beach section we had to “run” up very steep dunes in loose sand, up and over.  No one ran.  Everyone walked up that part.  Then, in kilometers 6 and 7, there was a series of steep hills which was really tough.  After that it leveled out a bit and we headed back to Egmond.  Kilometer 10 was just plain mean with one last hill.  I wanted to sprint to the finish, but I was finished and just couldn’t muster any more energy.  This finish time was 12 minutes slower than my best 10k, but with this terrain I was actually very happy with the result.

Oh yeah!  I had a technical breakdown during the race.  I was running with my Garmin watch and my iPhone running the Nike+ app.  During km 4 the watch suddenly died.  I tried to turn it on again and it just started beeping and flashing and beeping and flashing and then died again.  I tried again and it died again.  I was pretty pissed off about that.  Stupid expensive over engineered piece of equipment.  And speaking of running gear, did you see that Nike and TomTom have teamed up and are coming out with a new running GPS watch?  Due out in April but I hope to have my hands on one very soon.  🙂  Hmmmm how will I do THAT?

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