First FOs

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post hasn’t it!  I’ll start up again with some happy news about finished objects, namely mittens for DB and a birthday shawl for my mom.

The first FO for 2011 was DB mittens.  He wanted black.  Do you know how hard it is to knit anything black in the winter?  It’s hard, let me tell you.  But, anything for my baby, eh?  Here they are:

It’s also difficult, by the way, to photograph anything black in the winter.  I took these under my wonderful daylight crafting light, and this is as good as it gets.

They fit!

And they are fliptops like my other mittens and they are my own design.  You can get the pattern here (Ravelry link – sorry non-members!  Sign up!)  And you can buy the lovely warm soft Possum Merino yarn here.

Now on to the second FO of the year (and it’s only the 6th of Feb!), Mom’s shawl.

The pattern is Annis (free from Knitty) and the yarn is Madelinetosh Lace in color Mourning Dove.  There are two things I changed from the original pattern:  I added nupps (little bobbles) in the main plain knit section, and I added an eyelet edge at the top.

I learned how to make “nupps” while making this shawl.  They are the little bobbles and this is an Estonian knitting technique.  They are made by making 7 stitches into one stitch on the right side, then on the wrong side you purl those 7 loops together again.  It’s not easy.  I ended up using a size 0 (2mm) sock needle on the purl side to work them.  Some people in our KAL used a crochet hook.  Other people managed to use just their same needles to work them off.  You have to use a little trial and error and see what works for you.  It’s a nice effect though!

I’ll put this shawl in the mail tomorrow for Mom.  I hope she likes it!

And that’s it so far for finished objects.  I’m really itching to make a sweater, but I end up making small quick projects instead.  What’s up with that?  I think it has to do with my busy hectic life outside of knitting and my attention span just isn’t up to long projects, even if I wish otherwise.

I’ve just signed up for NerdWars (oh god, please don’t ask me why) and I’ve already started my first small project for that.  You have to make a project a month for 3 months to add points to your team.  I’m on team Bazinga of course. 🙂  I’ll post photos of that amazing nerdy thing in a week or two when it’s done.

I’m also going to start Skew socks on 14/2, with the rest of the Amsterdam Stitch ‘n Bitch group.  It will be our second KAL this year, and as far as I know, our second one ever!  We’re on a roll!

One thought on “First FOs

  1. Lorraine February 6, 2011 / 19:17

    The shawl is beautiful. I can’t wait to show it off. Everyone will be jealous!

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