We Are Runners

How do you know someone is a “Runner” with a capital R?  They run in all weather and laugh about it.  That was us today.

See those clouds?  They are white and fluffy at this point, which was at about 5km into the run.  It was just a little bit windy then and I was feeling just a little too warm in my windbreaker running jacket.

See, the sun was even shining through!

When I got to the beach I felt the wind really kick up.  It’s actually a good thing it had been raining so much lately because it made the sand heavy and damp and stick to the ground where it belongs and not sandblasting me instead.  There were a few very brave and/or crazy wind surfers getting their gear ready for a trip out into the windy surf.  The tide was very low so it was easy running on the beach.

The beach is the half way point.  When I head back up off the beach at Parnasia it’s about 7km into the run.  Running up off the beach is not what I do.  I walk.  It’s a hell of an incline in deep soft sand.  Run?  Ha!  DB runs up it.  He’s much more fit than I am.

Then I make a little loop and end up on the same track back to the starting point.

It still looks like ok weather doesn’t it?  DB is up ahead of me somewhere.  About 5 minutes after the above photo was taken a very dark cloud came over and dumped it’s load of water on us.  On the entire area of the dunes where we were running.  This was no light sprinkle.  This was big fat drops in heavy curtains of rain.  I was soaked in just a few minutes.  I soon began squishing in my shoes.  But you know what?  According to my TomTom running watch, my fastest kilometer was during the heaviest rain!  Nothing like bad weather to encourage even faster running to the end point.

It rained almost the entire last 5km that I ran.  It’s a very good thing that the wind was at our backs then or we would have been really cold.  As it was I was just wet, but not cold.  I kept on.  I laughed.  I figured, well, it could very well rain during the Dam to Dam race so I’d better be prepared for it.

In the end I ran 14km this morning.  DB ran 15.5km.  He’s really a natural.  I fight for every km I get.  Not to say that he doesn’t work at it!  He does!  I just wish I could keep up!

I took a photo of our shoes at the end of the run.  You can’t really tell from the photo but they are completely soaked through and our socks are muddy and heavy with water.  We are runners hear us slosh.

One thought on “We Are Runners

  1. Aunt Judy August 29, 2011 / 01:26

    Better you than me. It’s great that you can laugh about it.

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