I have an announcement to make.
London will just have to do without us. We aren’t moving. We are staying in lovely Haarlem and that is just fine with us.

It’s a long story, and as this is a very public forum, I will not go into the details. Don’t bite the hand that feeds and right now that hand is still feeding me so no details for you faithful readers! Suffice it to say that the company I work for is going through some difficult and strange times which means it is not a good time to sell a house and uproot your family to a foreign country, no matter how friendly and nice that country is. I still have a job, for now, but the future is uncertain. The company is going to restructure, that has been announced, but no one knows yet who will be affected or how. We won’t know until mid-December. Merry Christmas.

For now I’m commuting to London quite often. In the last four weeks I’ve gone to London every week for a three day stretch, then worked in Amsterdam the rest of the days. It’s tiring. Even that schedule isn’t set in stone, though, and for the next two weeks I’m staying full time in the Netherlands. During those commuting weeks I’ve been flying to London and taking the train home. The train is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

So! We took our house off the market and are trying to fall in love again with the house and garden and neighborhood. It’s a funny thing. When you think you are leaving you find all the reasons to be glad about it – I didn’t want to fix that fence anyway – I’ll be glad to be rid of that small toilet in the hallway – we won’t have to finish painting after all. But now that we are staying all those things are ours again. We will eventually have to replace that rotting back fence. It will be really nice to finish the painting next Spring.

I always viewed NL as my (adopted) home and knew that we would move back here one day. And now I have to turn my thoughts and emotions around to being happy to not leave here at all. When I’m in London I see what an amazing city it is and how much it has to offer, and when I come home I see how small and provincial Haarlem is, but also how much I like it here. I like being so close to the sea. I like the small city center with all the great shops. I like that it’s quiet after midnight.

I will try to write here more often. It’s been a rough past four weeks. Hopefully I’ve found a level of “zen” where I’m taking things one week at a time. I hope to have more space going forward to write more often.

3 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Cybele October 31, 2011 / 23:30

    Had been wondering how you were getting on. I suspected you might find the commuting tiring, and somehow this post doesn’t come as a surprise to me. You two seemed so happy where you were (from what you can gather from blog posts, that is!), you sound so integrated in the Netherlands – in a very similar way to how I feel about living in the UK. I think I was more surprised about your post that you were moving than this one!
    Hope the job situation resolves itself soon and with the best possible outcome.

  2. jules November 1, 2011 / 00:57

    What a strange time for you- good luck with rediscovering your home and I’ll have my fingers crossed for you in mid-December.


  3. Klozknitz November 2, 2011 / 10:47

    What a bummer! But good for us and, it sounds like, for you too. Take some time to adjust to a change in plans and welcome home!

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