A Walk in the Park

I was in London earlier this week.  I had intended to go for a run in the morning before work in Regent’s Park, which is just a couple of blocks from the office.  Unfortunately I’ve come down with a cold and my lungs didn’t feel up to working hard in the cold air.  Instead I got up and went for an hour long walk in the park before work.

It’s a lovely big park, with everything you can want in a park – wide open spaces for games and dog runs, lots of beautiful old trees, manicured areas of fountains and flowers, ponds and streams, a small zoo and places to buy food and drink.  Wikipedia tells us it is 166 hectares/468 acres in size, which is about 1/3 the size of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, half the size of Central Park in New York, and 4 times bigger than the Vondel Park in Amsterdam, just so you can get some perspective on size.

Early in the morning there are joggers and dog walkers.  I was one of the few people I saw not doing either of those things.  There was no one else taking pictures except me.  At 7:30 in the morning I guess it seemed kind of strange.

The dogs and the trees cheered me up a lot.  (Why did I need cheering up?  That’s another blog post and has to do with my awful work situation at the moment.)  The dogs were so happy, running and playing and meeting new friends.  I wanted to run and play with them!

The trees, ah the trees!  Trees give me peace of mind.  Whether they are in a city park or in the dunes of the Dutch coastline or the High Sierra of California, I love their grandeur and I love their smell.  I must have been an elf in a previous life, living among trees.

When I saw the flower beds, I thought of my mom.  She would have appreciated them.  I imagine they are lovely in Spring and Summer.  They are still lovely even in their Autumn colors.

After my walk in the park I went back to my hotel, collected my belongings, checked out and went to work.  My short time in the park was the best part of my day.  If you are in London, go to the parks.  That’s one thing the English do very very well – Parks.

2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Cybèle November 17, 2011 / 19:34

    Hope things at work sort themselves out soon…!

  2. Betty Salpekar November 18, 2011 / 08:46

    I hear you about trees and peace . . . .

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