Sometimes I just crack myself up.

Last Saturday afternoon DB and I went to Gamma to get some firewood.  Gamma is the Dutch version of Lowes, or any chain DIY warehouse store with building materials, bathroom suites, paint, power tools, etc.  It’s not the cheapest place to get firewood, but we were lazy and desperate.

At this time of year Gamma has a long isle of Christmas decorations, all the bright, loud, gaudy stuff you can think of, they have it.  I said “let’s go have a look”.  DB groaned.  Off we went.

They had singing puppets, fake European village scenes with music and lights, fake wreaths for your doors, and wire and plastic animal shaped things that light up 8 different ways.  And that’s what I wanted.

Me: Look! There’s a polar bear!  He’s nice.
DB:  Really? (Groan)
Me: Yeah, we need some light in the corner and he will be cheerful.
DB: He probably doesn’t work very well.
Me:  Well, we can give him a try.  He can be our probeertje.  *

Now, if you speak both Dutch and English you are at least smiling right now and hopefully LOL.  I LOL at my own word play joke.  DB chuckled.  But then he has repeated it several times since then so I know he thought it was clever.

The next LOL just goes to show how foggy I am in my head these days.  Yesterday I got myself ready to go out for a run.  I put on my running tights, socks, wind jacket, running watch, I had my phone with my podcast all ready to go.  I even remembered to take my glasses off, which is something I often forget.  I grabbed a house key and closed the front door behind me.  I reached down to turn on my running watch, took the next step and burst out laughing.  Why?  I had my house slippers on.  LOL.  What an airhead.

So, here’s a photo of our probeertje:

* The verb proberen means to try.  Probeertje means a little tryout.  Beer is Dutch for bear.

One thought on “LOL

  1. Chery November 30, 2011 / 21:09

    What a beautiful bear. I think the little try worked!

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