Hands and Feet FOs

I have some FOs (finished objects) to show you.  They aren’t ALL the FOs I have to show you, but this is what I can post before Christmas.

First, some mittens for the woman who has been giving both DB and I massages for the past 5 years.  It’s about time I knit her something for her hands.

These are snapdragon mittens from the lovely and talented Ysolda Teague.  They are knit with 8 play Supreme Possum Merino yarn so they will be super duper warm.  I had made a pair of these for my mom already, so the second time worked up pretty quickly.

Here they are buttoned with the flip top folded back.

Next, I have finished my November SKA socks, Magic Mirror, made with Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.  I have to say, I don’t know if I’d make socks with this yarn again.  Actually I bought the yarn to make something complete different, but thought the’d look good for this sock pattern.  The sock pattern was on the list of possibility for the November SKA KAL, so I went for it.

This yarn is heavier than normal sock yarn so I ended up knitting them on 2.5mm needles and making the small size.  They fit my medium sized feet just perfectly.  They do feel nice and cozy!

I’m almost finished knitting a hat, in the same yarn I made Glittens out of last year.  I’ll post that up in a few days I think.

On the Amsterdam SnB group on Ravelry we are getting ready to start a Winter CKAL (Cardigan Knit A Along) and I’m so excited to start knitting a big winter sweater.  It’s been AGES since I knit something like that.  About time to do it again!  More on that coming up soon.

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