The Last FO for 2012

I’m pretty sure this will be last Finished Object for 2012.  This is the warm and squishy scarf I made to go with my glittens and hat.  It’s made with Madelinetosh DK, held double and knit on 7.5mm needles.  I used 400 grams in total (4 skeins).  It’s so thick and comfy!

There are several patterns out there that are similar.  Mine is not a cowl (like one popular design), the cables are a little closer together and fat, and the gauge is really different.  Therefore, I’m quite happy to tell you here exactly how I made it, without worrying about stepping on anyone’s copyright toes.  It’s dead easy:

CO 40 stitches.

row 1:  Knit 8, (k1, p1) x 8, knit 16.  row 2:  knit 16, (k1, p1) x 8, knit 8.

Repeat over and over and over.  Every 10 rows make an 8×8 cable over the 16 off-center (k1,p1) stitches.

This creates a reversible, thick scarf.  You could join the ends together to make a cowl, but that’s not what I wanted.  You could do the cables every 14 rows to make longer, less thick, cables.  You could choose to put the cable in the center.  Just play with it.  Have fun.  Knit yourself something beautiful and functional.

Now all we need is some really cold weather!  (I might regret saying that at some point…..)

One thought on “The Last FO for 2012

  1. Lily-Margaret December 18, 2011 / 01:36

    I love the texture on the scarf, wish I had the patience to really excel at knitting! 🙂

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