Finding Some Spirit

We finally felt like doing some Christmas decorating.  Above is our little tree.  I love this tree.  I love it because it has lived 3 years in that pot in the back yard and let’s us bring him in every year and hang stuff on his arms, and he happily keeps growing every year.  We don’t use him for our Christmas tree every year because we are cheap.  We use him because he’s a survivor and deserves the attention.

We also put out some candles.

And I set the holiday animals in the front window.  Here’s how they greet everyone:

So, along with the pro”beer”tje is a knitted Christmas ball that a colleague of DB’s made for me (how sweet is that?!).

That’s about all the cheer we can muster up at the moment.  It should be enough to see us through the holidays.  How’s your holiday cheer holding up?

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