Weekend Photos!

Here are some guys swimming in the sea at Bloemendaal.  A summer photo?

Nope.  These crazy guys were swimming this last Saturday when temps were hovering just above freezing.  You can see that by the way the horse riders are bundled up.

And here am I bundled up, in my lovely blue knitwear. 🙂

We didn’t spend very long at the beach.  We walked from Bloemendaal north nearly to Parnasia, and back.  Probably 3 or 4km is all.  Afterwards we had lunch in the year round beach cafe at Bloemendaal.  In the afternoon I made some raisin date bars to take as snacks to the Vondelpark run for the next day, Sunday.

Sunday we were up bright and early, packed up and drove to Amsterdam to join friends for the Vondelpark run.  You have your choice of 1, 2 or 3 laps around the park.  Each lap is 3km.  K. and I did 2 laps.  DB did 3.

It was pretty informal and relaxed.  Here’s the start for the 1 and 2 lap run:

Here’s a photo of some random people, coming around through the park.  This is the 3 lap group:

See how lovely and sunny it was!  Of course that means it was cold.  P. sat under the outdoor heat lamp at the Blauwe Teehuis all morning, since he’s not a runner (no matter how much we encourage him), but he had to wait for us to run.  Here’s a photo of DB making his way around.  He’s fast!  He did the 10k in 48 minutes.

We went home tired but satisfied.  My run was 6.7km and K. and I ran it in 44:50.  I’m happy with that.  I didn’t kill myself for it.  Just treated it like another training day.  It’s the most training I’ve done for about a two months!  I’m glad to be getting back on track.  Ha!

After dinner we just hung out on the couch.  Bas the cat was happy that we were tired and wanted to hang out with him.

One thought on “Weekend Photos!

  1. Myrte January 17, 2012 / 00:37

    Well done. Nice to have a sunny day for the run.

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