Socks in Process Plus Food

I’ve been knitting like a fiend lately and this is all I can show you – a sock, and not even a finished sock!  Not even a PAIR of socks!

I’m spending most of my time knitting something that I’m going to submit for publication, so of course I can’t blog about it (yet).  And I’m also working on a present for my mom, so of course I can’t show you that either (yet).  The only thing I can show you is this sock that gets worked on while I’m on the train, or waiting for an appointment somewhere.  It’s my travel project.

The yarn is Madelinetosh sock in color Celedon.  It’s left over yarn from the sweater I made last summer.  I’ll have matching socks and sweater!  Sweet.  The pattern is my own.  I found a nice stitch pattern in a Japanese pattern book but it was too complicated for socks and too lacy.  I modified it slightly to be more sock-friendly and to fit nicely on a foot sized piece of knitting.  This is my submission for the April Sock Knitters Anonymous Ravelry group KAL.  It’s DYO (Design Your Own) month, which is my favorite.  I imagine at some point I’ll get around to writing up the pattern for others to use.  I’m taking notes along the way.

And that’s all the knitting I can write about at this point.  Sorry.  I have stacks of projects laying around me, top secret.

How about some cooking talk instead?  Good.

For Easter breakfast I made these delicious little cheese and potato nests.

The recipe is here.  Even looking at the photo makes my mouth water.  They were so yummy!

Here at home, and at my CELTA school, we talk a lot about Denglish – a combination of Dutch and English which is what you end up speaking when you live in both languages.  Well, on Easter I made some Denglish food.  I started to make french toast with some fat sourdough bread.  I never put sugar in the batter – just egg and milk – so they were not sweet at all.  Then DB said he wanted a toasty (Dutch for grilled cheese).  So, after one side of the french toast was done, I flipped them, and put thin layers of cheese on one piece and slices of ham on the other piece.  By the time the second side was cooked, the cheese was melted and the ham was warm.  I put them together, et voila! Denglish breakfast – a french toast toasty.  He ate the whole thing in seconds.  Yum.

By the way, see the white pan?  That was a present from my in-laws.  What a super pan it is!  If you see any of these for sale, buy it.  Its slick surface takes some getting used to, but it’s VERY non-stick and lovely to cook with.

Now, enough talking to you.  I have to get back to my knitting……..

One thought on “Socks in Process Plus Food

  1. Sue April 14, 2012 / 09:50

    So, what’s the make of this pan? I’ve got one of the cheaper BK ones, and it sticks more than my normal non-stick!

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