Happy Birthday Bea

Yesterday was Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag) and the world around me was orange.

Our Queen is very powerful indeed.  For the past 2 weeks we had rain and grey skies.  This morning I woke up to thunder, lightening and rain.  You see the weather in the photos here?  Queen’s Day was sunny warm and beautiful.  How did she do that?  Amazing.

We went into Haarlem fairly early (10-ish) and the bands were just getting set up.  Music started around 12:00 all over the city.  Before that, starting much earlier, the “garage sale” began.

We walked up and down streets full of sellers and browsers and a few buyers.  I’ve never seen so many kids clothes in one day!  If you want second hand clothes for your kids just bring a big shopping bag and load up once a year here.  You’ll save a fortune.

Streets quickly became super crowded.  I took this photo and then we bailed out of this area.

We hung out at Nieuwe Kerkplein for a while and listened to this band, Kilimanjaro.  Don’t give up your day jobs yet boys!

After several hours, and lots of schlepping around, we had had enough and headed home.  The partying went on into the night.  I guess we’re getting old.

The rest of the afternoon I spent sitting outside in the back garden, listening to a podcast and knitting.  It was wonderful.  Long live Bea and her powers over the weather.

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