I met a friend for lunch on the Zeedijk in Amsterdam.  There were tourists everywhere.  You can hardly walk down the street for all the tour leaders with their big umbrellas, leading the tourists on their site seeing route.

Will these tourists visit a Coffee Shop and try some Dutch weed?  Probably not.  There are plenty of others who will.  They’d better hurry up before the law changes and they won’t be able to buy it anymore without a Dutch passport.

The government is working on a new law which will only allow Dutch citizens to buy pot in order to cut down on drug tourists.  Fine.  What I really find ridiculous is the proposal that people have to REGISTER themselves in order to buy pot.  Oh right.  That’s what we need right now in the time of budget cuts and layoffs – let’s spend millions of euros setting up some stupid scheme that will have no positive effect at all.  It might even drive people to start selling on the street again.  Oh THAT’s what we want.

The law hasn’t changed yet, and some people are fighting it.  It remains to be seen how this will play out. And besides, there will be elections in September and everything might change again.

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