New Photo Opportunities

Over the last few months I’ve been selling yarn stash, looking under every rock, plotting and scheming all in order to buy a new camera.  My old Canon Rebel was 9 years old and in technology years that makes it older than Methuselah.  I hadn’t used it in a very long time.  Over the last few years I’ve gone through a series of small point and shoot cameras and while I’m completely happy with my Panasonic P&S, I still miss a “proper” camera of a certain quality.  Outside of the bigger and better lens issue, I think my Panasonic takes better photos than my Canon DSLR.  A sad state of affairs.

Besides scraping the money together, I had to decide WHICH camera to buy.  Now that’s the fun part!  I researched everything within the price range I thought I could manage.  My first choice was the Nikon D5100.  It has everything I want.  Then I looked at the new 4/3 size cameras which were very tempting.  The Sony NEX 5N is especially nice and gets rave reviews.  Then Nikon announced the D3200 which is just shipping in the U.S. and will soon be shipping in Europe.  Oh oh oh.  What to choose?

Yesterday I went into the new Saturn in Amsterdam, east of the Central Station, just west of the city library in the Oosterdoks area.  This shop just opened yesterday and was quite crowded.  It was also crowded because 50 Cent, the man himself, showed up for a promo event.  Needless to say, I didn’t stick around for that.  But what I did do was hold cameras and I talked to the Nikon reps there.  They were very enthusiastic about the new One series.  But I just couldn’t shake the D5100 out of my mind and they had a super sale on those DSLRs.  I walked away still confused and undecided.

Last night I started surfing the web-0-sphere again and discovered that Cameraland in Alkmaar (a meer 30 minutes from home) had a super price for the D5100 with a 18-105 lens.  That was it.  I decided.

This morning DB and I packed up my old Canon and my long lens plus a video camera I was hoping they would also take.  Oh, I forgot to mention that I had already emailed a couple of camera stores near my mom in California to see if I would be better off taking everything there this summer and trade and buy in the U.S.  NO ONE wanted my old camera.

Cameraland is a very big well stocked shop.  This is serious stuff!  They have loads of profi equipment as well as the usual consumer stuff.  They gave me 100 euros for my old Canon and lens but didn’t want the video camera.  I’ll have to put that on eBay and see what happens.  I bought the D5100 and 18-105 lens as planned (without the 18-55 kit lens).  I was very tempted by a 50mm 1.8 lens especially for concerts and portraits, but I think I can get that much cheaper in the U.S.  The man who helped us was very friendly and knowledgeable and could talk about cameras all day long if we let him.  I really do recommend this shop.

Here are a couple of photos from my back garden.  It’s a grey day outside and has been misty and damp all day.  I caught a break in the weather and quickly took these.  My first real photos with my new camera.  I’m so happy and excited I could pop!

Now you’ll have to put up with even more photos of my cat, and garden and the beach.  I’ll probably take this thing everywhere with me for a while so hopefully I’ll find more interesting subjects to share with you. 🙂

p.s. my favorite camera review site is  I’ve been looking at this site for years.  Another good one is Steve’s Digicams.  Do you have a favorite camera site?

3 thoughts on “New Photo Opportunities

  1. yvonnep May 4, 2012 / 16:05

    great pictures! even on a day like this they look bright!

  2. Cybele May 4, 2012 / 16:07

    O lucky you! My Nikon D90 is my first DSLR and I’m slowly beginning to find my way around it, but still have so much to learn! I was pleased with myself today when I saw a photo on a blog and realised what was wrong with it 😉 I like and their beginners series. You probably don’t need the beginners tips but you may like the main site. I also enjoy browsing through photos on Flickr taken with the same camera – very inspiring. Have fun!!

  3. Joan May 5, 2012 / 19:58

    Hi just stumbled upon you while searching the web for info on dutch yarn. I am from UK and am knitting for my first grandchild but ad having some difficulty 1 finding a wool shop here with decent patterns and 2 understanding the ply of wool here as It doesn’t seem to tell you on the band. I bought Lammy baby soft which Ive knitted up as double knitting but I think maybe its finer than that and Ive just bought Marcoma Marko. It says 4 points on the band and I’m wondering if there is a point system here instead of ply.I’ve looked online but am having difficulty finding baby patterns for this specific wool so am not sure what knit it up as. Hope you can enlighten me.

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