Socks, Again

I finished these socks on the first of May.  I intended to have the pattern written up and posted on Ravelry by the 2nd.  That hasn’t happened.  I’m not sure why.

The design of the sock is my own, but it is made up of parts that are not my own.  The stitch pattern is a modified version of one I found in a Japanese stitch pattern book.

The heel architecture is Cat Bordhi’s design.  I really like how it fits.  Here’s a photo of the heel inside-out so you can see the short rows and slipped stitches.

The sock is knit in Madelinetosh Sock in color Celedon.  The stitch count is 64 for the foot and 68 for the leg.  I made them on size 2.25mm needles.  They fit very well, but actually I like my socks to fit a little more snug, so for me these feel a little bit big.  I probably could have made them on 2.0mm needles and they would fit better.  Never mind! I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of them anyway.

So, should I write up the pattern and make it available on Ravelry?  To be honest, I’ve lost a little enthusiasm for doing that.  I have all my notes and the charts are already done.  It would probably take me a couple of hours to write it all up and be done with it.  Some people have “second sock syndrome”.  I have “finish writing the pattern” syndrome.

p.s. these photos were taken with my little Panasonic, not my new camera.  In case you were wondering.


  1. I love your sock! I think the toe looks like a Phalaenopsis Orchid, so . . .my entry in the name contest is “Phal for You!”

  2. A pretty pattern, beautifully executed! I think the central ribbed bit looks like Chinese lanterns, both the paper sort and the plants ( As you used a Japanese stitch pattern, maybe the Japanese word for the plant, Hozuki, would be a good name. An advantage here is that it’s a unique pattern name on Ravelry! 🙂

  3. Lovely socks Alex!

    As soon as I saw them I thought “Papillion” (butterfly in French) or Mariposa (butterfly in Spanish) Perhaps the word for butterfly is just as lyrical in Dutch when said by a native speaker so “vlinder” would be my third choice 🙂

  4. Beautiful socks! The design reminds me of butterflies and the lines remind me of traveling, so I thought butterfly migration. But it sounds a whole lot cooler in Dutch (or what I think the correct translation is): vlinder migratie.

  5. Butterflies are Free

    Beautiful socks, and like many, they remind me of butterflies flying freely.

  6. Such a beautiful design! Like all the people that posted above, those socks remind me of butterflies! Butterflies remind me of spring and when I am thinking of spring all those new sprouts and baby animals come to my mind! So my suggestion is “Rebirth”.

  7. The lace parts look like butterflies indeed, but they also made me think of Snow Angel – though they’re not very wintery. My second association is with the masks worn at the Venezian Carnival, so my suggestions would be: Venice, or Venezia, or Carnevale.

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