New Summer Sweater

I’ve started a new sweater that I hope to have finished before we go on vacation in California.  The pattern is Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman, who’s website is called Baby Cocktails.  It’s made starting at the collar and working down, all in one piece.  What you are looking at above is the collar, folded over, with the back facing you, the shoulders on the left and right, and the front sections are scrunched up at either end of the needle so that you can’t really see them.

I’m making mine with Cascade Ultra Pima, 100% cotton.  This stuff is as soft as butter and flows almost like silk.  It’s a dream to work with and it’s my new favorite summer yarn.  How did I never knit with this before?

The pattern is written for wool, which drapes completely differently from cotton, so I’m very curious how this will look and feel.  If you go to Thea’s web site and look at her pattern photos you’ll see that she designed it not to meet in the center front.  There are no buttons or button holes.  I want mine to meet, and even overlap a little, in the front, so I cast on 10 extra stitches which are added to the front sections.  This makes the front about 2 inches wider than the pattern is written.  I am not however adding button holes as I knit down.  That’s just too big of a commitment for me.  What if I just want to use a big shawl pin to close the front?  What if the drape of this cotton is so soft that buttons would just weigh it down too much?  What if my 10 stitch addition isn’t enough to really close the sweater in the front?  There are too many unknowns here.  If I really want to be able to close the sweater completely when it’s finished I will add snaps.  Yes, you heard me, snaps.  Andy just added snaps to a sweater he finished and they are cool.  I’m really impressed with snaps in knits.  Snaps are the new buttons.

By the way, I actually finished TWO projects today but both of them are gifts so you don’t get to see them yet.  Soon, dear readers, soon.

I also frogged a project.  Remember the socks I was working on a while back?  Well, I decided yesterday that the stitch pattern was just getting lost in the stripy yarn and the combination of yarn/pattern just wasn’t working.  It wasn’t showing the best of either element and both the pattern and yarn are so fabulous that they both deserve their own showcase.  So today I frogged the socks.  The yarn will become a sweater (such fun wild colors!) and the socks will be socks in a solid color one day.  Maybe I love knitting so much because it’s possible to change your mind so often.

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