A First

I was putting some knitted things into the washer this morning and discovered holes in my socks!  These are the first hand knit socks that I’ve ever worn holes in.  Really.  These socks are 14 months old.  I have older socks that are 100% wool.  These are wool with some nylon.  The yarn was inexpensive stuff I bought somewhere along the line and dyed myself.  The sock pattern is Skew from knitty.com.

What is the lesson here?

Whether or not sock yarn contains nylon or other made-made material has no bearing on how well the socks will wear.  I have socks that are 100% wool that are wearing much better than these.  If the yarn is tightly spun and is somewhere in the range of 380 yards per 100g, then the content of the yarn is not so important if you ask me.

Some people think that Noro Silk Garden Sock wears out quickly and isn’t suitable for socks.  I’ve made one pair of socks with this yarn and they are wearing like steel.  I love them.

Maybe the tightness of the knit also plays a part in how long a sock will last.  The socks above were knit using 2.5mm needles because I was afraid they’d be too small otherwise.  I could have knit them on 2.25mm needles and they would have fit even better and might possibly have lasted longer.  Tight yarn and a tight knit is what you need for hard wearing socks.  And that’s the moral of this story.

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