Name That Sock Contest!

I’ve written up the sock pattern, but my sock has no name!  Help me find a name for this sock!

You can read more about the sock on an earlier blog post here.  Or see my project page on Ravelry here.

I’ve decided to have a contest to get your help in naming this sock.  Here are the rules:

  • Write a comment to this blog post with your name suggestion.
  • The contest will run from today 15 May 2012 through 25 May 2012.  Any suggestions entered after midnight CET on the 25th will not be considered.
  • The suggested name cannot be a duplicate of any other pattern name in Ravelry’s database.  Please search before suggesting!
  • I’ll choose the winning name based on, well, a name that fits!  The winner will be announced here, and on the Ravelry forums where this contest will also be announced.
  • What does the winner get?  First, the ever lasting glory of having your name mentioned in the pattern and on the Ravelry pattern page.  Second, and more importantly, the winner will receive a set of stitch markers from my FAVORITE stitch marker makers Crimson Orchid.  The winner can choose their favorite Droplets set and I’ll have it sent.

Ready?  Got some good ideas for a name?  Comment below and let the contest begin!


  1. I suggest Vlindersokken ( Butterfly socks in Dutch from online dictionaries and word-smashing :’)…)

  2. These are so pretty! And like others, they remind me of butterflies fluttering about…

    How about “Butterfly Circus” for a name?

    Best of luck to you with your new pattern!

  3. These are so pretty! My first thought was “Butterfly Bubbles”, but there is a sweater pattern on Rav called “Bubbles and Butterflies”. Too close? In that case, I suggest “Butterfly Fizz”.

  4. Jugendstil socks.
    And, no it’s not used on Ravelry (yet). I was quite surprised.
    Beautiful socks!

  5. How about Iridescent Dragonfly? I immediately saw dragonflies. And they are beautiful socks!

  6. Whoops! Accidentally posted my suggestion on the earlier thread instead of this one. I said:

    “A pretty pattern, beautifully executed! I think the central ribbed bit looks like Chinese lanterns, both the paper sort and the plants ( As you used a Japanese stitch pattern, maybe the Japanese word for the plant, Hozuki, would be a good name.”

  7. Beautiful socks! I offer “Ditrysia” as the name suggestion. It sounds pretty and exotic to me. It is not used on Ravelry anywhere, at the moment. It is a biological classification in the order of lepidoptera, which includes butterflies and moths…and, perhaps, socks. 🙂 Best of luck with your lovely pattern!

  8. I too saw wings in the design, but the dainty color and the lace textures make me think of “Damsel’s Wings”, damselflies being typically smaller than dragonflies.

  9. I see the butterfly, but it also reminds me of a primrose. This name, however, has been used many times for patterns – so I used the name of another pretty four petaled flower. How about A Godetia For My Lady.

  10. My suggestion is Snake Eyes.
    I see a sort of reptile head with the eyes and the linear columns.

    (and yes I checked the Rav pattern database first before posting. 🙂

  11. I still think your toe looks like an orchid (which is appropriate for the Crimson Orchid gift). My second suggestion is ‘Orchidaceae” I do hope you will publish this pattern soon 🙂

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