Lucky Me

I like podcasts.  I listen to a number of podcasts regularly, like Planet Money and Fresh Air and especially Cast-On by Brenda Dayne.  I learn a lot listening to NPR and frankly I could listen to Brenda’s voice all day.  The fact that she talks about knitting is a real bonus.

I’ve just found a new knitting podcast that I like so much that I’m going to be a regular listener.  It’s “Yarniacs” by Gayle and Sharlene (GayleyWayley and KnitterNinjaShar on Ravelry).  They talk about knitting.  How can people talk about knitting for an entire hour?  Easy.  Really.  I could talk about my knitting for an hour every few weeks.  Easy. If you aren’t a knitter you might find it strange that knitters like to listen to complete strangers talk about their knitting.  But we do.  We are nothing if not devoted to our craft.

Anyway, I joined the Yarniacs group on Ravelry and earlier in the week Gayle decided to have a pattern giveaway based on a random drawing.  I was the lucky member number (377) drawn!  I got a free pattern from the Ravelry database.  YEA!

Here’s the pattern that I chose:

image by © Lankakomero
image by © Lankakomero

It’s called 22 leaves and here it is on Ravelry.  I plan to make it using some 100% silk lace weight yarn that I dyed myself.  I bought this yarn at a close out discount and dyed it last summer with some acid dye I bought from Dharma Trading.  The skeins are not a 100% perfect match but I’m not sure I’ll need more than one skein to make this shawlette anyway.  I think it will be a nice summer project.

Go check out out the Yarniacs podcast.  Even if you don’t win anything, you’ll get a free hour of entertainment!

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