Over the last 3 days we have emptied and reorganized our storage area outside.  It’s a really small space – about 4.5 square yards/meters.  The previous owners of our house had built shelves in there using really crappy particle board and not protected it against the elements.  It was moldy and awful.  It all had to come out.

Unfortunately they built these crappy shelves like they were building a bomb shelter.  Everything was screwed into the brick walls with 3″ screws half of which were rusted and stripped.  We ended up just prying half of it off the walls and breaking it up.  Here’s all the junk we pulled out of that small space.

And here’s the shed emptied out (mostly) before cleaning and fixing up.

After we hauled all the junk to the dump (2 trips with the car) and cleaned up the walls and floor, we went to IKEA and bought bare wood storage shelves and protective stain.  After putting them together, and painting them, letting them dry and putting everything back, the finished shed looks like this.

Everything has a place, even my bike!

We’d been wanting to do this job for quite a while and it feels really good to have it done.  The really good news is that the shed is not leaking like we were afraid it might have been.  All that moldy particleboard made us afraid there was a leak we’d have to fix.  It’s just a brick and cement space without heat in a damp country that gets a lot of rain.  There’s no leak.  Yea!  Tick this chore off the todo list!

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