Working Away

As you may have noticed, my goal is to post something every day in May.  Today is the first day I’ve really struggled to find anything to write about, or the enthusiasm to think of something.  It’s day 22, so I figure that’s not too bad.

Today was a day for chores.  I was inspired by the Yarniacs #9 podcast where they talked about washing all their sweaters.  I’ve taken it a step further (since I have time) and I’m washing all my sweaters AND shawls.  Above is a photo from the other day.  So far I’ve washed 5 shawls and 6 sweaters.  Just a few more things to go.  Oh! I’ve forgotten all about the scarves and mittens and hats!  Oh my! I’ll be busy all summer.

This afternoon I started working in the back garden, clearing out a flower bed.  My back is killing me now! It was really hard work with a shovel and hoe.  I filled our green bin and a garbage bag with greenery and roots.  Of course I took photos but I’ll wait until all the work is done and amaze you with before and after shots.

Also tonight I finished knitting my blue cotton sweater. Yea! Tomorrow I’ll weave in ends and block it and take photos and show it to you.

Gosh, I had more to talk about than I thought I did.

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