The weather was really warm today.  The high temp was 24C/75F.  Coming from California this doesn’t sound very hot.  But in NL this is a very impressive warm temp.  I’m happy it wasn’t hotter!

In the morning we went for a (short) run.  Mine was short anyway.  Then we got busy in the garden while it was still cool.  Plants were planted and other plants were dug up and thrown out.  We aren’t done yet so no “after” photos yet.

For dinner we decided to BBQ.  Throwing a couple of steaks on the barby is so quick to do and eating them outside makes it even more special.  Above are the steaks, baked sweet potatoes and a salad.  Simple but Yum.  I don’t see the point in making a big fuss of BBQ-ing with sauces and lots of meat.  Just keep it simple and tasty and that’s all you need.

Tomorrow both DB and I have job interviews.  Wish us luck!

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