Gardening – Not for Wimps

I’ve been spending a few hours every day working in the garden.  I’ve been digging and hacking and pulling and then planting.  My back aches.  I’m stiff and sore.  Gardening is not for wimps!

Here was the ‘before’ photo of part of the back garden:

And here’s ‘after’:

And that’s only part of the work we’ve done.  Here are some more photos of the new and improved garden:

I think we’re going to have a lot of blackberries this year.

And the faithful Christmas tree, bought 3.5 years ago as a small spindly thing (a real Charlie Brown Christmas tree).  He keeps growing every year and looks better and better all the time.  We haul him into the house each year and throw some lights and balls on him and put him back outside when the season is over.  I hope he keeps doing this well for years to come.

I haven’t even taken photos of the work we did in the front garden.  Both our front and back gardens are postage stamp size, but we get the most out of every square inch.  It’s frustrating going to the garden center, or the flower market, and seeing so many nice plants I’d like to buy, but I have nowhere to put them.  Oh well.  If this small space makes my back hurt so much after a few days of upkeep, maybe I’d better just be happy for the small space I have!

p.s. I haven’t listed the names of the new plants, or roses.  I imagine the only person really interested is my mom, and she can ask me about that. 🙂

One thought on “Gardening – Not for Wimps

  1. Christopher May 29, 2012 / 19:28

    Hmmmm – I look at one of those plant pictures and feel a song welling up inside me……

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