Wind and Sea

Yesterday at 5pm we headed to Zandvoort to have a celebration drink and dinner at the beach.  We celebrated DB getting a new job!  And me too, getting a new job.  We’ve both been unemployed since the first of the year and starting very soon we will both be employed! Yea!

Well, yea for the income, boo for having to go back to work.  I really enjoy being unemployed.  I will definitely enjoy retirement, whenever and if ever that comes.  I’ll enjoy it, that is, if we still have enough money to do the small things we like to do.  Ah, everything revolves around money doesn’t it?

ANYWAY, we had dinner at Bruxelles-aan-Zee.

You will always get good “eetcafe” food at Bruxelles, the service is great and people are very friendly.  What more can you ask for?

Earlier in the day it was cloudy but later the wind came up and cleared away the clouds.  When we got to the beach it was very windy, but sunny.  After we ate we walked along the beach and I took photos of the kite surfers.

When we were at Lake Almanor in California it was also windy, but there weren’t any sail boats and no kite/wind surfers at all!  We were so surprised and couldn’t understand why there were only motorized things on the lake.  What a waste of flat water and wind!

The kite surfing looked like so much fun last night that I’m kind of tempted to take a lesson and see if I could do it.  As long as they could teach me how to turn around and come back to shore, I’d be happy.  It looks exhausting though.  I hate to have that little voice in my head saying “but maybe you are too old now”.  I hate that.  Maybe I’m just not strong enough to do it.  Got to get back to the gym…. never too old for that.

One thought on “Wind and Sea

  1. Aunt Judy July 1, 2012 / 23:52

    You are not too old to do anything, maybe not in condition but there ‘s where the gym helps out. You can do it you can, you can. Fly that kite!

    Put kite surfing on your bucket list.

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