22 Purple Silk Leaves – FO

At the end of May I started this little shawl.  I won the pattern from the Yarniacs (thanks ladies!) and used some silk lace weight yarn that I dyed last summer.

Due to the (yes, I’ll mention it again) shoulder problem, I stopped knitting it in June and just now picked it up again to finish it.  I only had 10 rows to go to finish it up.

The pattern is 22 Leaves (Ravelry link) by Finnish designer Lankakomero.  She has a lot of lovely shawl designs.

Now, for the first time in years, I have no knitting projects on the needles!  Oh no!

I am making some worsted weight swatches, planning for a sweater pattern.  Or, rather, a series of sweater patterns.  Yes, I have something in mind in answer to the blog post of two weeks ago.

One thought on “22 Purple Silk Leaves – FO

  1. Aunt Judy August 13, 2012 / 02:44

    This is a beautiful shawl. Of course you always do a great job on whatever you knit. I am proud of my knitting niece. Love Aunt Judy

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